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Mushroom Cloth
Mushroom Cloth
Mushroom Cloth

Mushroom Cloth

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From Button, to Oyster, to Portobello, mushrooms can add a savory flavor to a plethora of dishes, but due to their sensitive skin, dirt must be cleaned off gently. Hence, Fusionbrands introduces you to the MushroomCloth a soft flexible silicone gentle-touch mushroom and vegetable-cleaning tool that works like a brush, but is gentle like a cloth to remove dirt and debris without scaring or discoloring delicate mushroom skins.

The compact easy to hold design has two sides to the cloth—one side is covered with over a thousand small soft bristles that delicately clean the mushroom, the other side features undulating “wiping waves” to handle hardier skinned vegetables like carrots and potatoes or even fruit. The flexibility of the MushroomCloth allows for full contact, contouring to the shape of the food, enabling faster and more thorough cleaning, especially in tight areas or uneven textures around the cap, stem and gills of the mushroom.

The MushroomCloth™ is non-porous, is resistant to bacteria growth and dries fast to prevent moisture from collecting and is dishwasher safe. The MushroomCloth functions like a brush, but is gentle like a cloth.

Some stuff you should know:

  • Two sides- one with tiny soft cloth-like bristles, the other with wavy scrubbers
  • Bristles delicately clean without scarring or discoloring
  • Wavy flexible scrubbers contour to clean other vegetables or fruit
  • FDA/EU food safe silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free
  • 5 inch square x ¾ inch thick