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Seed Potatoes
Seed Potatoes
Seed Potatoes
Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes

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5lb bag


Medium yielding variety, attractive appearance, uniform tuber size and shape. Wide adaptability. Resistant to hollow heart. Low to medium specific gravity. Good storability. Medium dormancy period. Tuber shape and type are very appropriate for the count-carton market. Not well suited for processing.


High yielding variety, adapts well to different soils. Sensitive to drought, susceptible to skinning and bruising if harvested before maturity; washes well at maturity. Stores well even though the dormancy period is short. Seldom produces tubers that are irregular in shape, knobby or growth cracked. Tubers are not subject to internal defects like hollow heart, internal necrosis and vascular discoloration. Low total solids.


Medium to high yielding variety, attractive appearance, washes well at maturity. Long dormancy period, stores well. Requires a uniform moisture supply and long growing season to produce maximum quality tubers and to prevent knobbiness and second growth. To produce large tubers, plants must be spaced 30 to 45 cm apart. High total solids.


Medium to high yielding variety of attractive appearance. Large tubers are slightly susceptible to hollow heart. Excellent storability; long dormancy period. High specific gravity.